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Art Books

1. Haitian Voodoo Flags by Patrick Arthur Polk-wonderful book with beautiful photographs and history about the sparkling and symbolic Haitian Voodoo Flags. 1997-$15.00. Small Hardback 

2. Frida Kahlo- presents some of the incredible imagery of the female advant guarde artist Frida Kahol -$9.00. Large paper 

3. I Dream of Madonna-women's dreams of Madonna with collages of the Goddess of Pop. Unique Book-$18.00. Hardback 

4. Red Wing Pottery- beautiful and luscious images of Red Wing Pottery by Chicago photographer Ray Reiss. A Knock Out Book( price list included) $45.00. Hardback 

5.Who Chicago?- the innovative imagery of the ten "Chicago Imagist" from Roger Brown to Christina Ramberg to Ed Paschke. 1980(Cover corner has a slight tear)-$30.00. Hardback 

6.Blue Dog -George Rodrigue funny, artistic, imaginative art book on the infamous blue dog and his place in art history. A must for individuals who enjoy folk and outside art $20.00. PAPER 


7. Advant Garde Magazines- now out of print magazines that dare to be provocative in the 1970's from the issue on Marilyn Monroe to John Lennon Erotic drawings $15.00- $30.00. Paper 

8. Male figure magazines-vintage small paper photographic magazines from the fifties. $12.00- $18.00. Paper 

9. Railroad paraphernalia from Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide in 1949 $18.00 to Railroad Magazine from nineteen fifties- $5.00 apiece-a must for railroad fan's Paper 



Photography Books:

10. In Search of The Monkey-Arbus type photographs of the magical and mysterious circus by Randall Levenson with stories by Spalding Gray. $20.00. 

11. Total Chaos-by Chicago photographer/artist/Dadaist Joyce Neimanas. Finally imagery that takes advantage of the plastic ability and possibility of computer technology. An exciting, personal and humorous book. $95.00-Paper 

12. The 1984 Case Study in Finding an Appropriate TV . Newswoman- manipulated and directed by the irreverent adventurer Robert Heinecken who mixes imagery newscasters as Bill Curtis, Joan Lunden, Connie Chung as if they were ingredients for scrambled eggs. Stamped Signed $165.00.Paper

13. The Red Couch-A Portrait of America. See America with a red couch in front of every wonderful photographic scene$20.00 - Large Paper 

14. Chicago Houses-with photographs by Jonas Dovydenas- a portrait that shows the diversity, beauty and elegance of Chicago architectural houses. $30.00. Hardback 

15. Cocaine True Cocaine Blue-by Eugene Richards, heart wrenching images of both poverty and cocaine. $20.00. Paper 

16. Untitled-by Diane Arbus with incredible photographs by one of the most important photographers in this century! Aperture- $45.00. Hardback 

And Other Books:

17. Crumb Comics- by the original and lovable but misogynist creative Robert Crumb. Terrific book $18.00. Large Paper. 

18. Flood-by artist and cartoonist Eric Drooker who has done an unusual and innovative novel in pictures that are terrific. $15.00. Paper. 

19. The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves - disguise as a children's tale with wonderful drawings by Timothy Jones. Signed $25.00. Paper 

20. A Gentle Madness-by Nicholas A. Basbanes whose passion for his subject makes this non-fiction tale seem like fairy tales . This is the strange but true stories of Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes and their Eternal Passion for books. 15.00. Paper. 

21. Smokestore Lighting-a very special book for barbecue lovers who travel seeking their passion in figuring licking good restaurants throughout the country. Wonderfully delicious descriptions and photographs of these original specialty places. $25.00. Hardback 

22. Jerry Fawe1l v. Larry Flynt- in a refreshing discussion on the First Amendment. Will Larry Flynt turn out to be the courageous hero of the nineties? $15.00. Hardback 

Please Watch for More Books To Come.

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