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One of the most frequent asked questions at The I Due Art 4 You Museum is about Pop Alreadymades?

 Pop Alreadymades are both hand authored and mechanically reproduced items that unintentionally and often humorously reflect society's duplicitous language, culture history and ideology--modern day hieroglyphics. They are extraordinary yet innocuous mass produced items from postcards to pins, from condoms to cigarette lighters that are found buried in the caverns of malls , souvenir shops, etc. Pop Alreadymade always fascinated our family and each of us collected them when ever possible. My mother Madame S. thought it was terrific to be able to purchase art so inexpensively anywhere from $.50 to $50.00. Indeed she loved Pop Alreadymades for their democratic form and accessibility. Our house was jammed with these wonderful and unorthodox forms.

Beatrice S. Harry in an interview with the curator November 12, 1997
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