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Helene Smith — The Medium From Mars

"I do wish someone would continue to work with Miss Smith. Some of her phenomena have grazed so closely upon the supernormal that one would like to see whether she ever does pass the barrier as I believed it can be passed ..." *

Image of Helene Smith by
Surrealist artist Victor Brauner

The medium Helene Smith (1861-1932) AKA Catherine Else Muller of Geneva, Switzerland was the subject of Dr.Theodore Fluornoy's seminal book"From India to Planet Mars". During the seances with Flournoy, Helene spoke Martian and wrote and drew about Martian life. Ferdinand De Saussure, the father of linguist legitimatize Helene's Martian language as an authentic language. Andrea Breton and other Surrealists were impressed by her ability to "pour out messages from the depth of being". * whether it was images, Martian language or the stories she told about Mars. Some of her stories were part of the Romantic Romances which involved It might be claimed that Helene was the first Surrealist Women. During World War II while the Surrealists were confined to a chalet in Paris, they drew character playing cards with their heroes faces on them—including the philosopher Hegel, Sigmund Freud, the poet Charles Baudelaire and the medium Helene Smith.

* Parallel Visions, Princeton University, page 250@1992